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Magviz+ DDial

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Magviz+ DDial Empty Magviz+ DDial

Post by Admin Mon Jan 10, 2022 11:19 am

So there is a new system that has emerged for a few weeks now and can be accessed via any web browser. it's a rewritten DDial using websockets, and is kept closely to the classic style/format with some extra liberties added. DiversiDial in the modern era, nicely done! Maintains the nostalgic operation but smoothed out for modern sensibilities. It's a social place by definition so if you have DDial nostalgia, it's a good place to find others with the same affliction. The link below will get you into the system promptly and safely - ENJOY!

Magviz+ DDial

I want to also add that the website that was originally around for (X) amount of years has been updated by WINTER the SysOp of Magviz - please check it out!


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